• I fully intended to talk about Aliens in this article, but I realized that I had unintentionally omitted some of the most important material about spirit “communications” that I had intended to include in the article on Ghosts, Spirits and Aliens, so that will be our next subject and I will take this opportunity to add this to the preceding material as it should have been a part of it.

    This is something that you will undoubtedly be interested in that I suppose falls under the category of “spirits” and that is communication between recently departed “survival personalities”, those who have recently died and those close to them still focused on the physical plane. It only makes sense that those communications are generally between those with very strong emotional feelings for each other, whether family members or others held close. The old adage that “Love is Eternal” is very true indeed.

    Those kinds of communications do exist of course, and I wanted to point out a few things that might help in facilitating contacts with the deceased. You must remember that emotional values are the connective between you and any survival personality and they have not moved away from your reality so much in physical distance, but in psychological distance and that distance is immense in terms of separation. In terms of physical separation, they are as close as next your next door neighbor and it helps to remember that space is an illusion.

    I realize that this is a concept that is hard to grasp, but remember, time and space as you apply it in your reality, simply doesn’t exist in the same way in other realities, so separation cannot be measured in terms of distance. In that respect, I can tell you that a survival personality can still observe you and your environment for some time after their death.

    Usually, but not always, and each case is different, but usually after the survival personality has passed, there is an initial disorientation for them and some confusion and in some cases the personality may not even realize that he has passed since he will still have a physically appearing “astral” body. Now, don’t think for a minute that this subjective astral form is any less in quality than the physical form that you now have, it is just constructed differently. Remember that even your physical image is a camouflage, an overlay of your subjective form with atomic structure and is no more real than the astral body. It is only indicative of your specialized type of reality; the physical body is temporary and the inner image endures forever.

    Once the survival personality has come to terms with his death, he will be met by other close friends, family and acquaintances that have gone before him and are more familiar with the new environment and will help him to adjust during the transition. This is hard to explain, in that these personalities will find themselves in a new dimension that does not recognize a time structure such as yours, yet, this place is a temporary environment and the survival personality will still remain aware of the time significance in the world from which it has recently departed for some time to come, but it simply will not place as much emphasis on times significance on events as you would in your world.

    There is then, an optimum time when communications between survival personalities and their families or close friends still in physical reality, and that time is not immediately after the death, but after the personality has had some time to acclimate itself with its new surroundings. Immediately after death, there is usually some confusion, disorientation and also elation at re-uniting with old friends (and I mean really old friends), that the idea of communication with those left behind just doesn’t seem that pressing a matter.

    It is important to know that these kinds of telepathic communications between realities cannot be forced to happen at will or imposed on anyone dead or alive, but will usually come as emotional intuitional surprises when least expected, in other words, these types of communications are usually accidental, sparked by emotional thought of the other person. So it is best to recognize the possibility of such contacts and keep your belief system open and flexible with high expectations, but not in any demanding or rigid way. Another very important thing is to “PAY ATTENTION”. These inter-dimensional messages take place quite frequently, but in such an innocuous way that they are usually missed by the intended receiver.

    The survival personality will at some point be fully involved in planning a new life experience, either in your world or another so communication will usually take place before the personality begins to lose its affinity for the physical plane through involvement with its new business at hand. When the planning work is done, the details agreed upon, the personality will reincarnate while it still has a fondness for earth’s sunrises and sunsets, seas and forests, friends and family and identities usually choose to return for a new earth experience before one or two hundred years your time, of course by that time you wouldn’t be around to receive those communications anyway and your relative positions may be reversed by then. There is nothing except good sense that would keep an anxious identity from reincarnating within months after its previous death.

    In answer to a question many may have, it is possible then, and has been documented countless times in your past, that a reincarnated personality, a new identity in physical terms, returns to a familiar, town or area and feels a certain familiarity with some of the same inhabitants that knew him in his last life. His past friends and family still alive, although all recall of that previous life would have been forgotten by the ego consciousness. Details of these circumstances can be recalled under hypnosis and have been well documented. This is not the usual case however, because the main reason for multiple lives on earth is to provide a variety of experience in new environments with new challenges, new racial and gender experience and not to keep repeating a carbon copy representation of a previous life.

    For any identity to wait any longer than a hundred years to reincarnate, the desire for earthly physical existence could wane to the point that physical life would begin to lose its attraction. So the ideal time for you to make contact with a survival personality would be between a few weeks after the passing up to a few years after, and remember, in the after death plane, beginnings and endings, cause and effect and time based appointments have little meaning. If the interval is longer the personality would have most likely moved on to other interests and possibly even another life on earth or even another dimension entirely and from that new platform, communications would be almost impossible. Communications are best made then while the personality is still in the psychic neighborhood.

    Survival personalities will not speak their communications with words using tongues and lips as you might expect. They communicate of course, telepathically, by sending complete thought concepts, so these messages from beyond, will come in flashes of instant knowing. It is important to understand that you can’t force these communications; they will come spontaneously, like a small explosion or instant illumination and sometimes at very strange and unexpected times.

    These personalities have an advantage that you don’t have, at least for some time in that they can see you even though you can’t see them, so they know what is going on with you and your life for some time after physical death and they are interested in communicating with you. You can communicate your feelings through the use of thought-words, but emotional feelings will be paramount in the contacts and there is usually a deep desire to initiate these contacts by the survival personality, to assure those left behind that everything is just fine with them. It is quite true to say that death is easier on the person doing the dying than it is on the ones left behind.

    I have said this before and I know it is hard for some to believe, but no one has ever died who was not ready to die. Death is not forced on anyone, but is a necessary progression, a step taken, the reasons well known by the inner self and soul. When the identity cannot handle any more data in one lifetime, when all challenges have been met and experienced in one way or another, then the available energy previously made available by the soul/entity decreases, the entity loses interest and turns its attention in other directions, causing the physical image to blur in its materialized form, exposing weaknesses and lessening psychic focus never before experienced.

    You know how I love analogies, so imagine if you will, what happens when you overload your computer with too much data, it shuts down, so in other words, the personality over his lifetime reaches a point where he essentially experiences an overload of data and switches into a minimum maintenance mode, sensing that no more real progress can be gained in this one lifetime, and there is a lessening of purpose within the personality. The personality therefore sensing that no real beneficial creativity or progress will be made, shuts down “temporarily” and hits the “Reset Button”. There is no such thing as failure in any lifetime, just some things not yet fully explored; they will be explored again and again until you get the right answers, and there are many more reset buttons to push.

    The famous baseball player Yogi Berra once said “It ain’t over till it’s over”, and in cosmic terms, “It ain’t ever over.” There are more lives waiting in the wings.

    By: William Allan

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  • The spirit guides are leaders, in respect. Most agree that these guidelines are the souls of those who are sufficient to reincarnated cycle could be released. Because of their experience and insights in this reincarnations are in a position to make life with more wisdom.

    How do you know if you have a spirit guide?

    Of course, if you will never be able to deal with a mind, claiming that his leader, then the evidence that you have one. The notification shall be in a range of possibilities. Some people say it on their mind is clear guidance in the flesh.

    Other forms of communication, in particular the astral projection. When this method is to leave your body and travel in reality clearly. While in this state, you can use your common sense guide. The visualization and meditation can also be the doors of communication between the two worlds.

    In many cases, you may never have a direct encounter with the spirit guides. However, this does not mean that you have no instructions. Many people have simply believed the presence of these guidelines in their lives.

    If they are in a position to wish his mind through meditation guide or Astral Projection, for example, may know if you have any questions.

    Another form of communication is through dreams. Have you ever with a difficult situation or in a dilemma that the next day wake up in the knowledge that you have found a solution? If during May, his spirit guides to communicate with you about your dreams.

    Sometimes it is simply the effect of his mind leaders warn that measures be taken, on the other side. For example, if you try to take an important decision, you may want on one side or the other automatically, without thinking.

    Native Americans believed for centuries in the minds of animals leaders. In fact, this belief is part of a complex shamanism learn. For them, the animal spirit guides are the source of wisdom. For example, the crow is as a mediator between the world of the living and the dead, because they believe that the soul leads to another world. They have the wisdom of the ancestors and life without fear of the unknown.

    Although these beliefs are strongly influenced by the many people today, most people have seen, are by their spiritual leaders of the people in form.

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  • Our spirit guides are entities that are no longer (or have not been) part of the physical realm. Guides posses knowledge that can greatly aid us in our journey through life. Not only can they aid us, but they can also provide companionship when we are not sure where to turn. Our guides are always waiting to contact us, and likely you have already spoken with your guide (we actually have potentially many guides), but were not aware of it. Our guides are waiting for us to initiate a contact so we can have an open communication with them. The following introduction will get you started.

    Sit down, preferably at the end of your bed or against a wall, back straight feet pulled up near your chest but relaxed and feet flat on your floor, head up but not right against the wall. Personally I like to sit up when I meditate. With the top of the head facing the heavens the crown chakra is unobstructed. If you do prefer lying down, that is fine.

    Imagine tree roots coming out of your feet and extending down into the ground. These roots continue to burrow into the ground almost to the earths mantle. Use whatever visualization works, as long you envision roots going from the soles of your bare feet deep into the earth. Those roots then branch out, rooting you to the earth. Then envision another root coming out of your tail bone and also burrowing into the ground, same as above, and rooting you into the ground.

    Now imagine green light coming up from the earth through these roots as you breath in, filling your pelvis with green light on each breath in. As you exhale imagine this green light moving up your spine and out the top of your head. Do this for about 20 breaths.

    Next imagine gold light coming from above into the top of your head with each deep inhale. The gold light moves through your body along the spine and out your feet into the earth on each exhale. Do this also for about 20 deep breathes.

    Then imagine on each inhale gold light coming into your head and going to your pelvis and green light coming up through your roots also to your pelvis. Then, as you exhale push this green-gold light up your spine out the top of your head. Do this at least 15 times.

    Then imagine a big gold egg shape – about the size of a phone booth. Step into this egg. This gold shell creates a protective aura around us. Imagine for a moment this egg is a totally positive ball of energy that protects you and nourishes you.

    Make sure you do all of the above before trying to communicate!

    Now that you have done this you should be feeling very relaxed, and like you don’t want to open your eyes, but you can if you want.

    Say in a quiet voice that “I am willing, able and ready to meet a spirit guide.” Say that “I want to speak with my spirit guide and I seek their counsel.”

    Talk with your guide, and at the end thank them. Ask them also if there are any other guides that you should speak with.

    A FEW THINGS TO NOTE: You may hear a physical voice but likely not. He/She will speak to you in your mind. Some guides are easier to hear than others. If you are having trouble communicating with the first guide that presents itself, ask for another and give your reason. The guide will not be offended. After doing the meditation most of your conscious thoughts will have subsided, but a few will flutter back into your head. Just push them aside and try to listen to with to your guide.

    You may feel at first like it is just a trick of your mind but you will soon realize that it is not…he/she will say things that you know are not your own thoughts. Also, we generally think in our own voice, so having a different voice in your mind will make it easy to see you are not just talking with yourself.

    Every time I talk with a spirit guide or angel I am left with this amazing feeling of being filled with “tingly” energy, almost like the butterflies we get when we are around someone we love. It is a completely positive experience.

    Article by : Corey Mitchell

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