• “The most spiritual places on earth changes with the weather. On a cold rainy day inside near a warm cozy fire, this is near heaven; on a hot day underneath a shade tree, where on earth could one be nearer to God; when depressed and in need of comfort, inside a welcoming church is spiritual indeed. What all this chatter amounts is there are conditions that we bring to the places that make them spiritual. Without our input they would remain mere pictures in space. As an example, after a hard winter, the first day of spring is spiritual no matter where we are,; and consequently, after a blazing hot summer, the first chill of autumn lets us know relief is on its way.

    Yet, were we to consider actual places such as Rome, Paris, San Francisco, Madrid, Toronto, definite places that one can go from and come back to, the most spiritual places on earth takes on new meaning. And yet, were we to name these, we would only be repeating what we have learned. Had we been there, spirituality may not have been our biggest concern, our next meal, or affordability, would render us incapable of dealing with these unseen phenomena.

    And to, the author who suggested this topic mentioned only spiritual places, and did not take into consideration that a place can contain both good and bad spirits. Just as there are good and bad people roaming the earth, there are good and bad spirits on the move. So, the most spiritual places on earth are those places that are the most inhabited by humans, or have been inhabited by humans.

    Now, if the person who started this line of thought had in mind the most untainted places on earth, the conclusion will be the uninhabited places, the rain forests, the tangled masses of vegetation in jungles, on steep mountain tops, etc.

    Having written all the above, the place where most people find peace is within their own soul. That is the only ‘place’ on earth an individual can go to get away from the noise of the world, whether it be human voices, car horns, or the roar of lions or the bark of dogs. They cannot survive in the aforementioned secluded places so their sanctuary must be the restoration and upkeep of their own souls.

    My advice is to stay put and dwell peacefully within. Our motto could be “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.” If one needs to go elsewhere in the world on business, family matters, etc, then do so. But the biggest truth one will find is that there truly is no place like home. Where ever that is.”

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