• How to Meditate For Beginners – Four Simple Steps

    Meditation is not just simply relaxation and remedy for fatigue. It does relieve the stress and anxiety and improve the health of the body. Meditation is something more than that. The real meditation is a process of changing the state of consciousness. It’s a way to transform your personality, a way of self-discovery. You can not do the meditation. The real meditation happens to you. However if you practice certain techniques it will happen more and more often. Such meditation can improve all aspects of your life.

    In the beginning it is a technique. By practicing that technique regularly you will soon discover that meditation actually is a quality of the consciousness and your being. This process can be roughly described by the following scheme: (1) Deep relaxation – (2) Quieting the mind – (3) Witnessing without making any judgments – (4) Entering the meditation state.

    There are certain things that can help you in the beginning of your practice. First you need to choose a meditation technique that would be right for you. All techniques have been perfected for ages. All of them are functional. But it is you who chooses which one can work better for you. If you picked a technique listen to yourself, to your feelings while sitting in meditation. The answer will come from within that let you know if this technique is right for you or not.

    The second thing what you need to do is to setup a meditation space. If you sit at the same time in the same place it will become easier to enter meditation state over time. Of course the best choice is to meditate outdoors. However it is not always feasible therefore chose a room or a corner in your house that will be devoted only for meditations. Very soon just sitting in this place will bring you into the right state of consciousness.

    By: Albert Adler

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