• spiritual healing Spiritual healing has been used centuries ago in Asia and other part of the world, but it is most likely still a recent term to most of us. Most people don’t know what exactly this is all about. The human body is the most fantastic creation of God and in our lives these days we handle so much of day to day stresses. Meditation and this alternative healing are the best ways to handle stress. This type of healing is the art of making your mind and soul stronger to handle stressful situations much easier. This article discusses what it is and how it is done through meditation.

    Through spiritual healing it can help you to recover from stress, depression or any other kind of mental tension or trauma. These health problem can be easily treated by meditation. Meditation will improve your immune system and your overall health. Holistic healing brings you close to The Source and you are in harmony with nature.

    Our mind and body are closely interlinked. Negative thoughts and feelings result in negative effects on our body whereas positive thoughts have a healing affect on your body. Anxiety and stressful feelings produce negative vibrations, so during meditation, one must do away with any negativity in the mind as your thoughts have a direct impact on your body. It is hard to shift your focus on a conscious level so meditation helps a great deal. Healing meditation helps you to reach a state where which directly links you to your sub conscious mind. It also can help your body relax and organize itself enough to allow medication to work better.

    When you are anxious and panicked your body produces certain hormones that harm your body. On the other hand, when you focus your thoughts on self healing, you begin to develop curative feelings. You can cope with your condition perfectly when your thoughts are positive and focused on healing than illness. This results in positive energy that produces wonderful therapeutic effects. To simplify, when our mind gets anxious it creates negative feelings harming our body and when it is calm and positive it has a self healing affect on our physical health.

    Spiritual healing can help you get rid of bad habits too without having the inner struggle that you usually feel when trying to change your habits. This is because the subconscious mind directs you to follow a specific pattern. It can be reprogrammed to follow a healthier pattern. This healing meditation can be used to heal any kind of medical problem like hypertension, body pain, stress, headaches, and more.

    With the help of positive energy and will to heal your illness, you can live a healthy and happy life. Divine energy around you will give you a new lease of life. When you put a lot of stress on mind and body you feel like withdrawing from the world whereas when your thoughts are positive and you are calm and recharged with healing energy you feel healthy and happy. Due to numerous benefits, Spiritual healing is being practiced by more and more people.

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  • Our past lives can affect our lives in many ways. One reason we may want to experience past life regression is for the benefits of learning about things that have happened in the past. There are sometimes past problems that can have deep lasting effects on our present life. By working out the problems using past life regression, the changes can be an immense help.

    The ability to access your past life is available to everyone. Many people believe that you have to go to someone to find out about past lives. The truth is you can do this for yourself. When you learn how to do this you will be able to explore your past in the privacy of your own home.

    Usually an exercise that will get you ready to explore your past life will have to be practiced for a period of time. This will allow you to get the most out of your past life regression experience. Patience is one of the keys to learning how to do this as well as the desire.

    You must relax your body and mind so that you are receptive to the past life experiences. Your whole focus should be on doing only this when starting. The more times you do this the deeper you will be able to go within yourself. This is the result that you want because this helps you to get the answers you need.

    You may either lie down or sit – whichever is more comfortable for you. If you do sit up however, you must be comfortably seated and relaxed. The exercise to relax you has to be done in a totally quiet place and where no one will bother you. But remember to do so when you have had a good night’s rest so you can stay awake.

    Asking your spiritual guides or whatever you believe in to be with you while you are regressing is another aspect. Ask them to stay with you and protect you. You should not take this exercise past 45 minutes. The best way to remind yourself is to set the timer on your watch or a clock where it will help you to remember.

    Choose a reason for regressing. It may be that you are searching for answers to certain questions. It could also be what you need to see or what you are here to accomplish. When doing this exercise, you must be totally relaxed so make sure every part of your body is in a relaxed state. The journey to your inner self will be your objective. Imagine a door at the bottom of a set of stairs. Once you have descended the stairs you can make a choice. You can sit and rest for a little while or go on through the door which is the door to your past lives. But you do not have to enter it yet. If you want to save this for another time, that is perfectly fine.

    The important thing is that you have gotten to the door and once you go through you will be entering the world of your past lives. This is the whole basis for the exercise. Learning how to relax to get to the door is half the battle. Everything you find from now on will only help you to understand why you who you are.

    There are many ways that people regress to their past but one thing to remember is that everyone is unique. The things you learn and the person you see as you will be helpful to you when it comes to learning how to handle your present life.

    By Amanda Isbitt

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  • There are many ways to meditate that correspond to many different schools of thought. Thirty-Five minutes to an hour seems rather long and would be a timespan to be used by experienced meditators. If you are a beginner, you should probably stick to more modest goals, such as five or 10 minutes.
    In Zen meditation , where you would concentrate on one’s breathing. This is used to gain awareness of one’s body and to help keep the mind from distractions. Breathing should be slow, but not uncomfortably slow; if you feel you are lacking oxygen, you need to breathe in more. Breathe in and out completely, filling the lungs as much as you can and emptying them back out as much as you can. Eventually, you are supposed to be able to keep an empty mind without having to worry about breathing, but this takes a long time and I can’t speak much about it because quite frankly, I’m not up to that myself.
    Posture is also important. If your back hurts, you should have something to lean against, but perhaps you are attempting sessions that are too long. Sitting in seiza is a good posture (Japanese traditional sitting on the knees). It will increase air flow. But unless you’re very flexible, achieving seiza will take some practice as it is not a natural position for most westerners. There is, of course the lotus, but that is even more difficult and is considered an advanced yoga position. Sitting cross-legged is fine.
    Then you will attempt to empty your mind of all thoughts that creep into it. This is in part why we concentrate on breathing; to give the mind a focus away from its natural flow of thoughts. If you start thinking about things other than your body or your breathing, you should gently bring your mind back from these thoughts, whatever they may be. This is a time you set aside where you do not think about your loved ones, your bills, your job, or whatever else preoccupies you in your daily life – so you are to attempt to empty your mind completely.
    As for increasing Ki, the relaxation provided by meditation is a learning process that carries outside of meditation proper, so you can learn to better relax, and thus facilitate the flow of ki. Also, you should learn about the Hara. The hara is the place Japanese culture considers to be the seat of the soul. It is located at the centre of your body (imagine a cross-section), 1 1/2 – 2 inches below your navel. (A bit lower for women). It is the centre of ki energy. Learning to relax the hara will help us increase the efficiency with which we manipulate ki.

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